Goodnight Dandelion

The strawberry meadow where you promised we'd live // is way past its season with nothing to give // I remember when we couldn't keep away // The night was a visit I couldn't overstay // Why's it strange when the curtains are drawn // You don't wanna touch me till it's morning and I'm gone // I leave the light on but you never come home // So I sleep in the meadow alone. // Goodnight dandelion, can't wait to wish you away // I'm only doing what I'm supposed to do // But it's not enough to make you stay.



I got this feeling // like I'm concealing // what I can't fake // staring at the ceiling // with every breath of early spring, I get so lost // so gone // but it's better that way // in my hazy hideaway



Little Flames

My glass is half-full, my eyes whisper songs // but still you don't come along. // In a temporary hole, approachably alone // But you don't want to see me. // I can tell when you look at me // Little flames that could never be are gone.

Extinguish your love // Could I ever be enough? // Little flames are a dying game when they're played by you. // Break my reverie // Let me in or let me be // Please don't give me shame for these little flames.